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Hindu Wisdom

Hindu scripture are some of the oldest known texts in the world, with the Vedas dating back to roughly 1500 BCE. These texts started as mantras and chants from a spiritual community. The Vedas contain the Upanishads, which are ancient wisdom sayings meant to be passed down orally from master to student.

  • Originated in India roughly 4000 years ago
  • Followers: Around one billion
  • Holy Texts: Vedas and epic poetry

Sources of Hindu wisdom include:

  • The best of the Bhagavad Gita, which is a small part of the Mahabharata — an epic poem about war, princes, philosophy, and more 
  • The best of the Ramayana, a poem about the divine prince Rama and his fight to save his wife Sita (forthcoming)
  • The best of the Vedas (forthcoming)
  • The best of the Upanishads (forthcoming)
For more, see our growing wisdom library.
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