Uplift’s content is consistently high quality and gives us flexibility as we sit down together each week. If not for these materials, I wouldn’t have known my kids were willing to meditate or reach into the depths of their own empathy and spiritual understanding.”
— Ashley Mae Hoiland
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“It’s important to us that we have regular, family spiritual learning. We tried to come up with our own lessons, but it was time intensive. When we discovered Uplift Kids a weight was taken from our shoulders. The lessons are simple enough that even our five year old takes a turn preparing them, but have enough layers that our fifteen year old is engaged.”
— Nicole Taylor

“Before Uplift, I’d find myself making my own plans, looking up videos, finding books and music that would help my three children remember and honor Spirit. You did all the labor for me! It gave me time to focus on them, on us. It can be hard as a single mother, but I’ve learned with the right approach and tools, it can be fun and fulfilling.”
— Debra Marie Reynoso

Uplift provided a helpful structure for our family to nurture spirituality in an intentional way while leaving plenty of room to create and respond according to various needs, desires, and ages within our family. Drawing on ancient wisdom, sourcing from an inner compass, and connecting to all of humanity, our family felt spiritually activated in a way that was enriching for all of us.”
— Nate and Missy McConkie

“In the beginning our goal was to find a solution to teaching our kids these values, but what we have gotten out of Uplift has been far more valuable. We have grown closer together and created a space where we can talk about anything and everything. What more can you ask for?”
— Lindsay and Ryan Taylor 

“My husband and I tried introducing spiritual resources to our kids at home. It was incredibly time consuming and daunting to prepare. With Uplift, we have enough material to sit down as a family each week and touch in with our teenagers throughout the week. The vision and curriculum freed us to focus on being present so we can connect deeply as a family.”
— Jill Thomas

“We have three teenagers and appreciate how the teen section is really catered to their level of thinking. These lessons have sparked really thoughtful, sometimes emotional, discussions in our family. I personally am so grateful to have a collection of lessons that serve to unify our family, rather than divide.”
— Lisa Anderson

“Uplift was an answer to what felt like desperate reaching. The lessons are clear and digestible for our four-year-old and somehow also transformative and stretching for our thirteen-year-old.”
— Aubrey Chaves

“I’ve felt like I can bring in elements from my religious background whenever it feels fitting while also being able to expose my kids to wisdom traditions and other perspectives. … Uplift is a great balance of information, guidance, and freedom that has given me confidence in approaching topics I want to discuss with my kids, but wouldn’t necessarily research on my own.”
— Katie Rich

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