Meet the team, in alphabetical order.

Amanda Suarez

Upon completing a bachelor’s in elementary education, a master’s in school psychology, and a certification as a conscious parenting coach, Amanda works as a school psychologist. She’s convinced that what kids need most are relationships filled with presence and love, where they can safely learn that they’re capable of being with whatever life brings, both the beauty and the pain. Amanda is on a mission to help children, including her own four kids, stay connected to their inner aliveness so that they can show up in the world as the most honest, undiluted version of themselves.

Drew Hansen

Drew was initially drawn to business for its potential to positively impact the world. In his career, he built and sold three companies, consulted several in the Fortune 50, and published over a hundred articles in Forbes on topics such as creativity, innovation, strategy, leadership, team building, and economic system change. But despite the success, these experiences caused him to question whether business is indeed a force for good. Uplift emerged out of this disillusionment and represents the change he wishes to see in the world. Drew believes in the power of people to harness their collective wisdom to manifest a more sacred economy today, not tomorrow.

Jon Ogden

Jon has worked as a university instructor, curriculum creator, content director, and writer. He’s coupled that work with a decades-long study of the world’s wisdom traditions, seeking for ways to keep the best of the past alive while evolving beyond its limitations. At Uplift, he’s taking this interest in wisdom literature from around the world to help create community, alongside his spouse, for his two sons. 

Michelle Larson

After graduating with a degree in International Cultural Studies, Michelle went into business with her family specializing in management and consulting. As a student of mediation and conflict resolution she recognizes beneath any tension is the universal emotional terrain that makes us human. This interest has brought her back to continue her education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. As the mother of three children she lives into the question of individual and collective life. The one thing she doesn’t question: love.

Our Advisors

Micheline Green, M.Ed

Micheline has more than 25 years of experience supporting women, families, and schools. Upon earning her master’s degree in education, Micheline worked as a certified school counselor in Waldorf and Montessori schools. She followed that experience by becoming an Integral Master Coach™ and now guides parents and teachers in becoming embodied role models for children. Micheline has a deep calling to be in service to our collective evolution and knows it begins with how we raise our kids.

Thomas McConkie & Gloria Pak

Thomas and Gloria are the founders of Lower Lights School of Wisdom, a contemplative practice community built on their shared passion for the wisdom teachings of the world. Thomas is a developmental researcher, facilitator, and mindfulness teacher who has been in practice for over 20 years; Gloria is an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator who uses art to foreground the inherent beauty in all of life. Together they hold a vision for a world where seekers, including children, discover their evolving personhood.

Sara Hughes-Zabawa, LMSW

For over a decade, Sara has advocated for holistic, evidence-based mental health and social justice at the individual and community levels. As a licensed clinical social worker and therapist, she helps clients navigate life transitions with dignity and self-compassion, especially those related to grief and faith. She often works alongside LGBTQ+ individuals to explore the relationship between their sexual and/or gender identity and their spiritual beliefs while fostering self-love and family acceptance. Sara received a dual masters in Social Work and Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Michigan. In a mixed-faith marriage, Sara and her partner use Uplift to model respect and gratitude for one’s unique values, beliefs, and perspectives.

Jared Forsyth

Jared is a Staff Software Engineer at Khan Academy, with a lifelong passion for learning and spirituality. He has over a decade of experience with web and mobile development and provides technical expertise and developmental guidance on the website and other technological aspects of Uplift.

The Artist

Becca Lee

Becca Lee has been drawing comics since childhood. In addition to earning degrees in literature and creative writing, Becca has been a teacher at the university level and has taught writing and art classes for kids ages 8-12. They’re also a founding member of Provo Girls Summit — an event series that targets gender inequality. Becca loves funny and whimsical art, and tries to infuse each Uplift illustration with a sense of personality and wonder. Uplift showcases Becca’s art for kids.

Header photo credit: Eric Ward

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