Nurture Emotional and Spiritual Health

When we started Uplift Kids, we wanted to provide a variety of digital and physical products for families. After prototyping a variety of solutions and hearing directly from families about what worked well for them, we found that people overwhelmingly preferred a multimedia experience. It best engaged kids who have been raised in a digital world.

We created a physical deck of emotions cards, which you can order below, and we plan to still create books based on our wisdom library, but we’ve put our primary focus on our digital solutions, found in our lesson library — a library that contains printable PDFs as well as curated videos.

If you have ideas or insights for what you’d like to see from Uplift, let us know. For instance, we are creating a conversations card deck and have other ideas in the works based on what families need.

With that in mind, what will best help you nurture spirituality at home? What do you find has worked well? What hasn’t worked so well? Are there any products you’d like to see Uplift develop? Contact us at and let us know.


In the meantime, check out our emotions cards, which help kids explore 36 different emotions so they learn to put an image with a label. By naming a range of emotions, kids start the first step in learning to optimize their emotional health. If they can learn these skills in childhood, they’ll have an advantage as they grow up and become adults. They’ll learn that when they feel big feelings, they can name it and then tame it by choosing a coping mechanism that is healthy for them and others. In this way, even difficult emotions such as anger or sadness have a gift to offer.

This fun and whimsical deck is a great way to help kids understand what is happening in their body — and that emotions are nothing to be ashamed of.

Order it below and start a conversation in your home about what it means to process emotions in a healthy way.

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