Uplift Podcast Appearances and Conversations

Uplift founders have joined a variety of podcasts and conversations. Click to listen to some of them hear and check back for more.

Rediscovering Your Family’s Values — Uplift cofounder Drew Hansen joins licensed clinical social worker and therapist Sara Hughes-Zabawa to talk about how families use Uplift to find their truest values.

Reclaiming Your Inner Authority — Uplift cofounder Drew Hansen joins Jana Spangler, alumna of Richard Rohr’s The Living School, to discuss ways you can reclaim your inner authority.

The Spiritual Formation of Children | A Thoughtful Faith Podcast — Amanda Suarez and Drew Hansen join Gina Colvin to discuss the best ways to nurture spirituality in children.

Marriage on a Tightrope — Jon Ogden joins Allan and Kattie Mount to talk about how Uplift can help couples in a mixed-faith marriage teach their kids.

Giving Kids an Inner Compass — Jon Ogden joins podcast host and author Cindy Wang Brandt to talk about how to help kids find their inner authority.

The Faith Transition Podcast — Amanda Suarez and Drew Hansen join Julienna Viegas to talk about raising good kids after a faith transition.

How to Give Your Kids a Healthy Foundation — Jon Ogden joins podcast host, author, and spiritual retreat leader Amanda Joy Loveland for an exploration around how to help your kids find a foundation in the wake of a faith crisis.

Hold on Loosely — Jon Ogden joins Chad Brown in the Man Alive podcast to talk about being a dad after a faith shift.

Uplift Kids and Family Health — Drew Hansen sits down with therapist Natasha Helfer to talk about spiritual health for the family.

Drawing From the World’s Wisdom Traditions and Science — Drew Hansen talks to N.S. Mather about spirituality, evolution, ethics, and more.