Uplift Calendar Program

To guide families through the Uplift annual membership, we’ve created a rotating 12-month printable calendar along with other printables.

Each month focuses on a theme, which helps the principles in the weekly lessons sink in and bring about inner transformation.

We’ve also created a printable journal that enables family members of all ages to dig deeper into the daily discussion questions. This is something that you can look back on to see how your kids have grown over time, and it also helps solidify each of the principles discussed in the lessons. We recommend that parents fit it it into a short bedtime routine.

Download the Uplift yearly calendar and journal. (Members only)

Note: You can start this program at any point of the year.

January: Intentions

February: Wisdom

March: Presence

April: Renewal

May: Emotions

June: Home Life

July: Fun

August: Movement

September: Community

October: Connection

November: Gratitude

December: Giving

Wisdom Traditions

Each of these mini-lessons celebrates one or two gifts that a wisdom tradition brings to the world. Insert them as you’d like.

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