Create a Culture of Meaning and Reflection at Home

Uplift offers an annual subscription to a character development program that helps families have conversations about the topics that matter most.

At the heart of the program is the ever-growing Uplift digital lesson library, which consists of 70+ lessons and mini-lessons on values, emotions, wisdom, holidays, and more.

See a sample:

Who Is Uplift For?

Families with kids age 4-17.

Uplift is a perfect fit for families who have a habit of gathering together (at mealtime, bedtime, a weekend night, or a weekend day) to talk about things that matter most.

Our resources are also used by families who want to weave meaningful topics naturally into everyday conversation without formally gathering together.

It works whether or not you belong to a religious community and regardless of your belief, as it pulls from wisdom traditions around the world.

In essence, it’s an expansive approach to character development, values, spirituality, and more.

Uplift Calendar

To guide families through this experience, we’ve created a rotating 12-month calendar.

Each month focuses on a theme, which helps the principles in the weekly lessons sink in and bring about inner transformation.

We recommend that you post the calendar in a place you’ll notice it, such as on a fridge, to keep these topics top of mind. Ask one of these questions each weekday at breakfast, dinner, or just before bed.

Uplift Journal

We’ve also created a printable journal that enables family members of all ages to dig deeper into the daily discussion questions. This is something that you can look back on to see how your kids have grown over time, and it also helps solidify each of the principles discussed in the lessons. We recommend that parents fit it it into a short bedtime routine.

See a few sample pages here. (Members get the full printable PDF.)

Or, for convenience, you can order a printed copy on Amazon.

Start a Trial to Get Full Access

Members get full access to the lesson library, the calendar, the journal, and more.
Start a trial to see how Uplift can help you experience transformation in the home.

When you join Uplift, you get:

  • Getting started guide
  • One new lesson, activity, or game every week
  • Access to our full lesson library
  • Printable 12-month calendar with discussion prompts to start meaningful conversations every day
  • Printable journal with reflection questions to help you dig deeper
  • Weekly email that guides you from lesson to lesson
  • Engaging multimedia, including curated videos, stories, songs, poetry, art, etc.
  • Supplemental activities for each age group: teens, kids, and littles
  • An original Uplift comic and printable coloring page per lesson
  • Inspiring passages from world poetry and the wisdom traditions
  • Scientific findings from researchers and psychology professors
  • Optional extras and resources to personalize the material for your family
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