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Each lesson below is backed by the latest academic research and timeless stories from the world’s wisdom traditions. The lessons are also flexible. Use them in a 20-minute weekly sit-down, at mealtime or bedtime, or in an impromptu moment during the day. Also note that we add one new lesson, game, activity, or set of wisdom tales per week, so check back each Thursday for more content.

See an overview of our 2022 program, which uses nature’s rhythms to organize a year’s worth of lessons. (Members can access the program content here.)


Give your family shared language to talk about natural spirituality using our approach.


Start a conversation about timeless virtues so your kids can become their best selves.

Emotional Well-being

Help your kids learn to regulate their emotions, so they can experience higher well-being through their life.

Life Topics

Help your kids prepare for challenging moments.

Family Life

Make life at home run just a little more smoothly.

Wisdom Practices

Practice skills and habits that bring strength, peace, and clarity in life.

Bonus: Mini-Lessons

Wisdom Traditions

Each of these mini-lessons celebrates one or two gifts that a wisdom tradition brings to the world.


Use these mini-lessons to make your holidays more meaningful — or discover a holiday that’s entirely new. 
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