Growing Up

Enjoy Every Step


Watch any of the three videos below — or all of them!

“Bean Time-Lapse: 25 days” (3-min video) shows a seed sprout.


  • What happens to the seed? (It breaks open and eventually falls away.)
  • What is the first thing that happens after the seed breaks open? (The roots grow for four days, and only then the sprout shoots out of the soil.)
  • Notice how the roots keep growing even after the sprout leaves the soil. Why do you think that is? (Getting more stability and nutrients.)

“Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis Time-Lapse” (3-min video) shows growth from caterpillar to butterfly.


  • What does the caterpillar do before creating its cocoon? (Eats.)
  • What do you notice about the transformation of the caterpillar?
  • Is there anything that looks uncomfortable about this process?

“Portrait of Lotte” (6-min video) shows a time-lapse of a girl from age 0 to age 18.


  • What emotions did the girl show in the video? (Happiness, shyness, sadness, anger, etc.) Why do you think the parent who filmed this kept all those emotions in the final video rather than edit them out?
  • Did you feel any emotions while watching? If so, which ones?
  • What does watching this video make you feel about the passage of time?

Consider these takeaways from the videos:

  • Life moves fast. Enjoy it.
  • Growth is challenging. The seed breaks open, the butterfly is weak right after leaving the cocoon, the girl in the video sometimes has tears in her eyes.
  • Remembering our past challenges can help us through our current ones.
  • There may be times when it feels like you are not growing emotionally or spiritually — when you feel stuck. You might just be sending down roots or are figuratively cocooning for a transformation to come.
  • Inner growth can happen even in stillness. We don’t see growth beneath the soil or growth in the cocoon. But without that growth, the transformation that follows wouldn’t happen.
  • Like outer physical growth, inner emotional and spiritual growth takes patience.

Optional Activity: Look at photos or videos of your kids when you were younger and talk about changes you notice. What did you used to not be able to do that they can now? What was something you once considered difficult that you can do now? (Walking, reading, puzzles, riding a bike, etc.)

Visit Your Past

What is one of your earliest memories?

Do you remember when you were a baby? Before you could crawl, you likely spent hours wrapped in a blanket, being held, or sleeping in a crib. As you became steadier on your feet, you started exploring rooms and objects around the house. Then you grew even more, learning how to speak and how to read.

Just like you once found it an enormous challenge to crawl, walk, speak, or read, you can know that one day the challenges you’re facing today will seem small and simple.

Activity: Remember Past Challenges

It’s easy to forget how difficult it once was to do simple tasks.

To remember something of how it felt, try closing your eyes and walking backwards from one room of your house to another without running into anything.

Or try to speak or understand a language other than your primary language. You might watch “Show and Tell Foreign Languages” (6-min video) from Hi-Ho Kids to hear kids speaking a variety of languages.

Can you roll your Rs like they do? Can you say the foreign words they’re saying? Chances are, there are some that trip you up. Remember that you once struggled the same way when you were learning to speak English.


  • What do you enjoy about being a kid?
  • Is there anything that makes you look forward to becoming a grown up?

By remembering how you’ve overcome challenges in the past, you can have better resolve to overcome challenges in the future. And you can always enjoy the present!

“It's such a good feeling to know you're alive. It's such a happy feeling you're growing inside.”

Little’s Corner

Can you see how the seed grows from sprout to tree and how the caterpillar goes from cocoon to butterfly? You also grow, from baby to grownup.

Color each picture below.