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Raising kids is hard. You don’t have time to hunt for quality materials to teach kids values and spiritual development.

When you join Uplift, you get:

  • Getting started guide
  • Access to our full lesson library with nearly 100 lessons on values, emotions, life topics, wisdom practices, and more
  • One new lesson, activity, or game every week
  • Access to a daily devotional page you can save to your phone’s home screen and use like an app
  • Printable 12-month calendar with discussion prompts to start meaningful conversations every day
  • Printable journal with reflection questions to help you dig deeper (also comes with the option to purchase the printed calendar at production cost)
  • Weekly email that guides you from lesson to lesson
  • Engaging multimedia, including curated videos, stories, songs, poetry, art, etc.
  • Supplemental activities for each age group: teens, kids, and littles
  • An original Uplift illustration and printable coloring page per lesson
  • Inspiring passages from world poetry and the wisdom traditions
  • Scientific findings from researchers and psychology professors
  • Optional extras and resources to personalize the material for your family

For $99 a year you receive everything above to support you in building a spiritual foundation in your home.

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