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Raising kids is hard. You don’t have time to hunt for quality materials to teach kids spirituality.

When you join Uplift, you get:

  • Getting started guide
  • One new lesson every week
  • Access to our lesson library
  • Weekly email that guides you from lesson to lesson
  • Reflection questions and suggested resources for parents per topic
  • Engaging multimedia, including curated videos, stories, songs, poetry, art, etc.
  • Discussion prompts to start meaningful conversations
  • Supplemental activities for each age group: teens, kids, and littles
  • An original Uplift comic and printable coloring page per lesson
  • Inspiring passages from world poetry and the wisdom traditions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Stoicism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc.
  • Scientific findings from researchers and psychology professors such as Lisa Miller, Angela Duckworth, Jonathan Haidt, Brene Brown, Marc Brackett, etc.
  • Optional extras to personalize the material for your family
  • Opportunities to connect with other Uplift parents about spiritual parenting and create community

For $99 a year you receive everything above to support you in building a spiritual foundation in your home.

Sign up now for a free 14-day trial and immediately access our full library. (You won’t be charged until the end of the trial period and can cancel online any time prior.)

Thank you for being part of a new movement in spiritual parenting.

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