Large Congregations

This subscription gives your large congregation access to our full lesson library and program for congregations, which includes resources for expansive spirituality.

For congregations with up to 15 teachers or volunteer facilitators.

  • Access to our full lesson library with nearly 100 lessons on values, emotions, life topics, wisdom practices, and more
  • Activities for each age group: teens, kids, and littles
  • 12-month lesson calendar with discussion prompts to start meaningful conversations
  • Reflection questions and sentence stems to help kids dig deeper
  • Weekly email that guides you from lesson to lesson
  • Engaging multimedia, including curated videos, stories, songs, poetry, art, etc.
  • An original Uplift comic and printable coloring page for littles per lesson
  • Inspiring passages from world poetry and the wisdom traditions
  • Scientific findings from researchers and psychology professors
  • Optional extras and resources to personalize the material

Get a 7-day trial to check it out. $225 per quarter after that.