Emotion Cards for Kids

Emotions are hard to work with, no matter our age. Even when we feel in control, all it takes is a slight shift — a lost shoe, a spilled cup of grape juice, a conflict with a friend — and we find ourselves overwhelmed.

How do we learn to work with, rather than against, our emotions?

One way is to first learn how to label what we feel inside.

To complement our lessons on emotional health in our lesson library, we’re producing a limited-run emotion card deck. This deck contains 36 cards that explores every major emotion we experience, whether we’re a kid, teen, little, or a grownup.

emotions cards

Teach Your Kids Emotional Health

The cards come in a premium magnetic box that opens and closes with a click for easy access. It also includes games and activity suggestions to help your kids work with big and small feelings.


  • Fun and whimsical illustrations showing facial expressions, color, and texture for each emotion
  • Online access to game and activity ideas
  • Premium magnetic box for easy access

Available Now. Ships within three business days.

$22.00 (Shipping: $3)
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