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When we released Uplift six months ago, we didn’t know what would happen. We watched as word spread, from sister to brother to cousin to friend, and we’re delighted to discover how many of you are eager to give your kids a spiritual foundation.

Currently, Uplift is a curriculum and lesson library for creating spiritual experiences at home. Your early response inspires us to keep going. One member wrote that it’s “the light I needed in dark and lonely time.” Another said, “I’d been searching for a character and spiritual development program, and your lessons are exactly what I’d been spending way too much time trying to cobble together myself each week.” And another: “I LOVE LOVE LOVE how I was able to get some discussion going right away with everyone involved, didn’t have to prep more than a few minutes, and I could cater it to my kids’ needs.”

Because of the response so far, we’re strengthening our commitment to Uplift’s mission. Up until this month, we were all volunteering on the effort in addition to our other responsibilities. Now two of us are dedicated full-time and one is working part-time. We’re shifting from a heartfelt passion project to a purpose-driven business that — hopefully in time — sustains itself to better serve you. 

With more energy to devote to Uplift, we plan to continue delivering one new lesson per week while expanding our offering in these ways:

  • Update past lessons with crafts or embodied activities in light of your feedback
  • Add a wisdom library that supplements our lessons with the best stories, parables, myths, and other inspiring passages from the world’s traditions
  • Launch a resource center that explores the theory and practice of spiritual parenting to guide you along the way
  • Publish personal reflections and thought pieces in various media outlets to spread awareness and grow the community 
  • Enhance our emails by adding news, insights, events, and practical tips. (On this note, add us to your contacts list to be sure to receive our emails.)

But our vision doesn’t end there. We’re interested in developing a portal for child-directed learning, recording conversations with experts in the field of spiritual development, facilitating transformative education programs for parents, producing kits for member-led social gatherings to connect with others near you in the Uplift community, and establishing a network of coaches and therapists whose approach aligns with our own — all with the aim to help you nurture your child’s natural spirituality. If enough people are hungry for something that matches our mission, we’ll move toward it.

Amid the fast pace of technology, you, like millions of other parents, are juggling the demands of modern life and searching for something more for your kids. You’ve come for resources, but you can’t do it alone. You were never meant to. What will you do with this immense responsibility?

Start the conversation, and you may get stumped. The big questions, if you’re honest, resist pat answers. You risk straight-jacketing their souls when you spoon feed them. But avoid the questions altogether, and your children might conclude that their questions don’t matter.

If we’re to bring about a more beautiful world, we need more of us to come alive. And the surest path to that collective aliveness is a generation of children who don’t shut themselves down in the first place, whose parents witness their growth and offer a protected space — a home dedicated to their becoming — where they inhabit who they already are. 

We’re pioneering a practical method for spiritual parenting, going deeper than conscious, mindful parenting, to delve into your role in guiding your kids’ spiritual development. We imagine a future when a parent, knowing nothing else, easily sources support for their sacred responsibility of raising children on earth.

Have an idea? Hit reply and let us know. And share us with family and friends.

Welcome to the movement.

In gratitude,
Uplift team

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