Uplift Conversation Card Game

We all want to connect to those we love, but we don’t always take the time or feel like we have permission. This game opens up an opportunity to do just that — all while having fun and being vulnerable.

2-8 players
Ages 3+ (with reading help for littles)


  1. Deal 5 cards to each player.
  2. Have a designated draw pile and a discard pile.
  3. Choose someone to be the first person to share their answer — the first sharer.
  4. Each player gives the sharer a card they want to hear them answer.
  5. The sharer reads all the cards and chooses one to answer.
  6. The sharer responds to the card and then puts all the used cards in the discard pile.
  7. Players should take a card from the draw pile to always have 5 cards in hand.

Go until it feels natural to stop (usually one to three rounds).

Alternatively, you can make the game more competitive by making the “winner” the person who has three cards chosen by the sharer. (This way the game becomes partly about thinking of which card the sharer will choose.)

Special Cards

Shuffle these cards into the deck, giving players the random chance of using their special abilities.

Alternatively, you can give one of each card to each player at the outset of the game.

Reverse: Play this card when you are the sharer to turn your chosen question onto another player of your choice.

Answer For Me: Play this card when you are the sharer. Choose one other player to respond to the card as if they were you. How accurate are they?

All In: Play this card when you are the sharer. All players have to answer your chosen prompt card

Say More: Use this card after the sharer has answered to prompt them to share more.

Printable PDF

Click the image below to print the cards.

This game is in beta! We’d love to hear your thoughts about how we can optimize it and make it uniquely Uplift’s.  Send your thoughts to info@UpliftKids.org.

Question List

If you don’t have a printer or don’t want to print and cut cards, you can play a version of this game with dice. Choose someone to roll the dice first. They have to answer the question that corresponds with the number in the list below. Go around the list until you feel like you’ve ready to stop.

For All Ages (including young kids)

  1. If I had one wish, I would wish for ___________.
  2. The animal I am most like is ___________.
  3. I feel love when ___________.
  4. I feel like being silly with ___________.
  5. If trees could talk, they would say ___________.
  6. One way I show love is ___________.
  1. One thing I look forward to every day is ___________.
  2. When I am in nature I ___________.
  3. I feel close to my family when ___________.
  4. When I feel wild, I ___________.
  5. If I had a superpower it would be ___________.
  6. My perfect day looks like ___________.
  1. The biggest trouble I’ve ever gotten into is ___________.
  2. When I feel upset I ___________.
  3. I feel peaceful when ___________.
  4. One thing I don’t want to do anymore is ___________.
  5. When I feel worried I ___________.
  6. If I could be an animal, I would be a ___________.
  1. I know I’m following my inner compass when ___________.
  2. I feel sad when I think about ___________.
  3. I am excited about ___________.
  4. Something I miss is ___________.
  5. One thing I’m lucky to have is ___________.
  6. Someone I’m grateful for is ___________.
  1. When I hear the word love I think of ___________.
  2. If I could fly I would ________.
  3. My inner compass helps me ___________.
  4. I worry about ___________.
  5. When I feel angry I ___________.
  6. One good gift I got from my parents is ___________.
  1. When I wake up in the morning I ___________.
  2. I’m getting better at ___________.
  3. If I were in charge I would ___________.
  4. If I were an insect, I would be a ___________.
  5. If I were any superhero, I would be ___________.
  6. If I could visit a made-up world, I would visit ___________.
  1. One rule I like to follow is ___________.
  2. When I get embarrassed I ___________.
  3. I’m nicest to ___________.
  4. I’m afraid of ___________.
  5. Something I love about my grandparents is ___________.
  6. One thing I’m good at is ___________.
  1. I lose track of time when I ___________.
  2. A lie I once told is ___________.
  3. I wish the world had more ___________.
  4. Something I’ve noticed about the world is ___________.
  5. Sometimes I wish I could ___________.
  6. If I had an imaginary friend, they would ___________.
  1. Something I appreciate about my family is ___________.
  2. When I can’t sleep at night, I am most likely thinking about ___________.
  3. One thing I’ve always wanted to say is ___________.
  4. When I look in the mirror, I think ___________.
  5. One thing I would never do is ___________.
  6. I feel shy when ___________.

For Older Kids and Grownups

  1. I wish I could improve at ___________.
  2. Something I find annoying is ___________.
  3. It’s hard for me to apologize when ___________.
  4. One thing I’ve changed my mind about is ___________.
  5. Something I wish were different in my family is ___________.
  6. I don’t understand why people ___________.
  1. I wish the world had less ___________.
  2. My family probably wishes I were more ___________.
  3. One good quality I got from my parents is ___________.
  4. My friends probably wish I were more ___________.
  5. People are surprised when I ___________.
  6. An embarrassing thing that’s happened to me is ___________.
  1. One thing I remember about last summer is ___________.
  2. One way I can change the world is ___________.
  3. If my future self could tell me something, I would want to know ___________.
  4. I wish others appreciated me for ___________.
  5. One thing I am changing about my life is ___________.
  6. Advice I would give to myself a year ago is ___________.
  1. I want to crawl into a hole when ___________.
  2. Something people assume about me is ___________.
  3. I wish the world was more ___________.
  4. I find it difficult to be a good friend when ___________.
  5. I feel most cared for when ___________.
  6. The hardest thing I’ve ever experienced is ___________.
  1. When I hear the word holy, I think of ___________.
  2. My greatest gift is ___________.
  3. I’m really curious about ___________.
  4. The last time I felt wonder was ___________.
  5. The situation that makes me most nervous is ___________.
  6. The wisest thing I could tell myself right now is ___________.
  1. I’m relaxed around people who ___________.
  2. I feel true to myself when ___________.
  3. People are surprised when they find out I ___________.
  4. One painful experience I’ve had is ___________.
  5. My authentic self wants me to ___________.
  6. One way I feel different from my family is ___________.
  1. One way I’ve changed the most in the past year is ___________.
  2. Something you don’t know about me is ___________.
  3. A time I felt filled with peace is ___________.
  4. One thing I want to let go of is ___________.
  5. A spiritual experience I’ve had is when ___________.
  6. If I could write a letter to my past self, I would say ___________.
  1. A beautiful memory I have is when ___________.
  2. A time I felt filled with love was when ___________.
  3. A time I felt filled with gratitude was ___________.
  4. Something in nature I love is ___________.
  5. One thing I miss from when I was younger is ___________.
  6. Something I’m happy I created is ___________.
  1. Someone I should forgive is ___________.
  2. One thing that gives me purpose right now is ___________.
  3. I feel in the zone when ___________.
  4. I find purpose and meaning in ___________.
  5. One thing on my bucket list is ___________.
  6. One thing I wish I hadn’t done is ___________.