Uplift Kids for Congregations

Leading a kid’s ministry is a challenge — especially if you’re looking for an expansive and inclusive approach to spirituality. Where do you start? What do you include? How do you meet the needs of the kids and parents in your congregation, who have a varied set of beliefs?

Uplift Kids answers these questions, all while making lesson prep easy and quick.

We primarily provide an in-home curriculum for families to explore spirituality together. But in the process of talking to people about what we offer, we’ve also discovered a need within expansively minded congregations — congregations that resonate with our approach to spiritual health and development. 

We offer:

  • A calendar program (see below) with a monthly theme that matches the natural rhythms of the seasons and holidays.
  • Content for teens, kids, and littles in every lesson.
  • Wisdom from all traditions (including Christianity, Buddhism, Stoicism, Taoism, etc.)
  • The latest scientific research from academics around the world.
  • Language that’s inclusive of all people — including race, gender, orientation, etc.
  • Curated media and activities that make the experience enjoyable.

With Uplift, facilitators no longer have to spend all their time prepping lessons or adapting a traditional curriculum to meet the needs of a group that’s looking for something more expansive.

If you want to add even more biblical stories to our lessons, we make it easy to do. If you’d rather pull from other sources, we make that easy as well.

We have two tiers for congregations:

  • Small congregations (up to 7 teachers/facilitators) — $135 per quarter
  • Large congregations (up to 15 teachers/facilitators) — $225 per quarter

(Note that if you’re just a single teacher who is teaching a small class of ~5 kids, we recommend using our annual membership for families.)

Each option allows you to add logins for teachers and volunteer facilitators in your organization. 

Start a free 7-day trial below:

Congregation Calendar Program

Note: You can start this program at any point of the year.

January: Intentions

February: Wisdom

March: Presence

Optional March mini-lessons:

April: Renewal

Optional April mini-lessons:

May: Emotions

Optional May mini-lesson:

June: Home Life

Optional June mini-lessons:

July: Fun

August: Movement

September: Community

Optional September mini-lesson:

October: Connection

Optional October mini-lessons:

November: Gratitude

Optional November mini-lessons:

December: Giving

Optional December mini-lessons:

Wisdom Traditions

Each of these mini-lessons celebrates one or two gifts that a wisdom tradition brings to the world. Insert them as you’d like.