Saturday, Feb 18

“We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.”
— Umberto Eco


Wisdom Reading


Today’s Excerpt:

Choose one wisdom quote to read and savor.

You might look at:

If you’d like to dive deeper, try this contemplative reading exercise from Greater Good. Here is an abbreviated version of the practice:

Gather together with a wisdom text. (Check out the Uplift wisdom library for suggestions.) Start with one minute of silence.

  • Read the entire text aloud slowly. Each person can read one or two lines, then pass the reading to the next reader.
  • After the whole text has been read, hold silence for one minute to reflect.
  • Read through the text again, slowly, passing from person to person.
  • Hold silence for one minute to reflect again.
  • Each person takes a turn to share one word of the text that stands out, without explaining why.
  • Hold a final minute of silence to close.
  • If desired, allow each person to share what the practice was like for them or if they had any insights.