Thursday, April 13

“The journey of the hero is about the courage to seek the depths;...the eternal cycle of change within us.”
— Joseph Campbell


Heroic Journeys

Today’s Excerpt:

Here are some examples of how the hero’s journey might look from day to day:

Sample Story #1: New School Year for Maya

  1. Call to Adventure: Summer is over and Maya is starting a new grade. Maya is especially nervous about starting the first day since her best friend is in a different class.
  2. Meeting the Mentor(s): Thankfully, Maya’s older sister had the same teacher that she’s going to have.
  3. Crossing the Threshold: Maya goes to school.
  4. Challenges: On her first day, Maya forgets her lunch at home. At recess she falls on the playground and a few of the other kids laugh at her. She feels embarrassed and alone.
  5. Victory: After several weeks of school Maya makes new friends in class and really likes her teacher.
  6. Finding a New Home: Maya realizes that even when she’s nervous, she can do things that are hard. When Maya starts gymnastics at a new gym, she’s not scared because she remembers what she learned starting a new grade.

Sample Story #2: Marcus Has Sibling Conflict

  1. Call to Adventure: Marcus has been fighting a lot with his sibling and wants to try to get along better.
  2. Meeting the Mentor(s): Marcus asks his mom and dad for help. He also watches his older brother because he is usually always nice to all of the siblings.
  3. Crossing the Threshold: After talking to his mom and dad and watching his brother, Marcus has some new skills to try to get along better.
  4. Challenges: Even when he starts off trying to be nice, Marcus loses patience and ends up getting mad!
  5. Victory: Even though Marcus still gets mad sometimes, he notices it’s a little bit easier to be kind.
  6. Finding a New Home: Marcus starts to notice that sometimes he actually enjoys being with his sibling.


  • What is an experience you’ve had that fits the map of the journey?