Saturday, January 14

“Everyone can probably do at least one thing better than ten thousand other people.”
― Marcus Buckingham



Today’s Excerpt: Superlatives

Read from the following list of superlatives one at a time. After each is read, everyone will close their eyes and point at the person that most exemplifies that superlative. Open your eyes to see who everyone chose. Then ask what type of strengths those people have that made you choose them for each one.

If you think two people have a particular strength, use one hand each to point at both of them.


  • Most likely to become a comedian
  • Most likely to win a battle with a black bear
  • Most likely to create a world-changing invention
  • Most likely to become the President
  • Most likely to host a huge party
  • Most likely to go on a long backpacking trip
  • Most likely to come up with an idea to save everyone during a zombie apocalypse
  • Most likely to win a reality cooking show
  • Most likely to write their own book
  • Most likely to calm everyone down during an emergency


  • What hidden strengths does each person have?
  • Were there any strengths you noticed that you felt called to focus on as a result of this activity?