Thursday, January 11

“With the new day comes new strength.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Today’s Excerpt:

What do you want to get better at this year?

Finding Strengths in Unlikely Places
(Adapted from this story on

A young girl named Gillian struggled in school a lot. She couldn’t focus, had a hard time staying organized, and was constantly moving her body. Her mom was worried that she might have a learning disorder or other disability. After spending some time with Gillian the doctor did something unexpected. Turning on the radio, the doctor and Gillian’s mother left her alone in the room to observe what happened. Gillian started to dance! When she danced Gillian was able to focus her attention and express herself fully. Gillian’s mother enrolled her in dance classes, and she’s been dancing ever since. She even choreographed some Broadway productions, like Phantom of the Opera and Cats. Gillian and adults who supported her were able to uncover her gift in an unlikely place.

For an audio version of the story, check out Gillian Lynne (2-min audio.)


  • Gillian’s biggest strength looked like a weakness when she was at school. Can you find any hidden gifts you have that may look like weakness?