Tuesday, November 14

“Ask yourself at every moment: Is this necessary?”
— Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor (Stoicism)

Today’s Excerpt:

How does it feel when life is noisy? How does it feel when life is quiet?

Make a list of all the things in your life that make noise, whether internal or external. You can either make a mental list, or write down everything on a piece of paper.

Things to write down might include:

  • Tasks on your to-do lists at home or school or work
  • Recurring thoughts you have throughout the day
  • Music or words from videos you’ve watched recently
  • Notifications from apps
  • Text messages
  • Video games
  • Advertisements you regularly see
  • Daily habits (brush teeth, shower, breakfast, etc.)
  • Whatever fills up your day

Take a moment to look at everything you’ve written down, or reflect on the mental list you made. If we’re not careful, our days can be full of endless internal and external noise — driven by one thing after another, things that may or may not be what is most important to us.