Wednesday, April 26

“The intention of voluntary simplicity is ... living with balance.”
— Duane Elgin, American author


Simple Living

Today’s Excerpt:

Sentence stem: “I could live more simply if I…”

One way to live simply is to practice minimalism — to get really clear about what makes you happy and do away with all other distractions.

To explore this concept fully, use the venn diagram below. One side points to things that bring joy, a word that indicates something more than the short-lived thrill that comes with getting a new possession. And one side points to things that cost money.


  • What brings you joy? (Family, friends, fun experiences, etc.)
  • What brings joy and costs money? (Certain food, special toys, books, a couch that made it easier to gather together as a family, a car that made it easier to go on vacations, camping equipment, etc.)
  • What costs money but only brings short-lived thrills and not joy — or possibly even frustration? (Stuff purchased on whim, forgettable toys, things that break after just a few uses, etc.)
  • What is one thing you could let go of?