Friday, April 28

“Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”
— Lao Tzu (Taoism)


Simple Living

Today’s Excerpt:

The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

A Zen master lived a simple life in a hut at the base of a mountain.

One night while he was out, a thief broke into his hut and was surprised to find nothing to steal.

Just then the Zen master returned.

“You’ve come a long way,” he said to the thief, “and you shouldn’t go away without something. Please, take my clothes as a gift.” With that, the Zen master handed him the clothes he’d just been wearing.

The thief took the clothes and slunk away.

The Zen master sat in his hut, staring at the moon through the window.

“That poor man,” he thought to himself. “I wish I could give him this beautiful moon.”


  • What do you think this story teaches about living a simple life?
  • What is something you love (like the moon) that you’ve neglected?