Wednesday, May 31

“Talk to yourself as you would someone you love.”
— Brené Brown

What is one kind thing you can say to yourself right now?

The next time you are being really hard on yourself or having a difficult time, take this self-compassion break adapted from Kristin Neff.

1. Think of the situation you are beating yourself up about or having a hard time with. Notice the feeling in your body. Does your stomach hurt? Is your heart beating really fast?

Say to yourself:

“This is so hard.”
“I am feeling stressed out.”
Or something else to say what you’re feeling.

2. Now say:

“Other kids have a hard time sometimes, too.”
“I’m not the only one that struggles.”
Or choose something else that reminds you that you are not alone in feeling pain.

3. Do something small to show kindness to yourself like: wrap yourself in a blanket, put your hand on your heart, or gently squeeze your hand.

4. Ask yourself. “What could I hear that would help me feel a little bit better right now?” Be still and quiet for a few seconds and notice what comes to mind. Then say that thing to yourself.

You might say:

“I can be kind to myself.”
“I’m doing the best I can today.”
“I can give myself patience.”