Thursday, June 1

"You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful."
— Amy Bloom, writer

When you make a mistake or are under stress, what do you usually say to yourself? Is it kind?

Watch “Being Kinder to Yourself” (3-min video) from the Greater Good Science Center and Psychiatrist Elizabeth Guinto, which outlines five steps to treat yourself more kindly.

(Heads up: This video says the words “this sucks” to describe a reaction to suffering.) 

Try the five steps together.

  1. Think of a situation that is causing you stress.
  2. See if you can feel the stress in your body.
  3. Say to yourself, “This is a moment of suffering.”
  4. Say to yourself, “Suffering is a part of life.”
  5. Put your hands over your heart and say, “May I be kind to myself” and “May I learn to accept myself as I am.”

When you make a habit of showing compassion to yourself, you have greater well-being and a sense of self-worth.