Friday, Feb 3

“Human beings attain only what they strive for.”
— From the Quran (Islam)



Today’s Excerpt:

Is there anything you are good at that you can teach to others?

  • Ask family members to share an area or skill to which they hope to dedicate more time to practicing. (Note that the Uplift lessons on strengths or purpose can help in identifying areas of interest or passion.)
  • Discuss as a family how you can create an environment that supports practicing deliberately.
  • What is something you are practicing right now — or something you want to get better at?

Some examples might include:

  • Dedicate daily practice time where all family members engage in a practice of their choosing
  • Create technology-free periods to encourage focused practice
  • Use a visual tracker where family members can track their daily practice
  • Give family members the chance to showcase what they’ve been practicing to the entire family