Thursday, August 17

“Life is more fun if you play games.”
— Roald Dahl

Today’s Excerpt:

Do you have any favorite memories of play?

Create a new memory! Play one of these games from the Uplift game ideas page:

Sock wrestling. Everyone wears one sock, which they try to remove from the other players however they can. The last person wearing a sock wins!

Hot Seat. Have one person sit in a chair in front of the group. Without them seeing, hold a piece of paper with a person, place, or thing written on it above their head. The rest of the players give clues about the word or phrase without using the word or words and the person in the hot seat tries to guess.

What are you doing?”

  1. Form a circle.
  2. One person starts miming an action (e.g., sweeping the floor).
  3. The person to their left asks, “What are you doing?,” to which they answer with a task that isn’t what they’re doing (e.g., “Opening the fridge.”)
  4. Then that person mimes that stated action (opening the fridge) while the person to their left asks, “What are you doing?,” and so on, around and around.