Monday, January 2

“The practice of wise intention is like checking the sun: it’s a way to make sure our actions and our lives are going in the direction we want.”
— Sylvia Boorstein, psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher



Talk about the distinction between intentions, goals, and systems.

Intention: What you want — an ongoing direction you want to head in
Goal: Something you want to achieve that has a beginning and end
System: Your collection of daily habits, tasks, reminders, and cues that help you keep your intention and reach your goal

If it sits well with you, you can also talk about inspiration — asking your higher power (God, Source, Spirit, etc.) or tuning into your best self (inner compass, inner voice, etc.) to sense into your highest calling or purpose at this time of life. The move from inspiration, intention, goals, and systems is a move from the abstract to the specific.

It’s a process that requires each of us to be still and listen for what arises, which will be individual and unique.

You can also talk about how every person is inherently worthwhile regardless of whether they meet a goal or not. The truth is that there is no achievement we can ever reach to become whole (because we are all already whole), and yet the process of doing something we feel is worthwhile can be joyful.


  • What is one thing you want this year?