Sunday, November 26

“Humility is the essence of love and intelligence.”
— Jiddu Krishnamurti, philosopher

Today’s Excerpt:

When you’re humble, you feel good about yourself. You’re also open to seeing how people around you feel too. By contrast, when you’re proud you think you’re strong but are actually stuck and hard — unable to grow and change.

Here are a couple scenarios to help you explore humility.

Scenario 1: Your sibling or friend worked all day on a new Lego set and put it on the kitchen table to show it off later in the day. As you’re walking by, you accidentally knock it off the table and it crashes on the floor and breaks. Just then, your sibling or friend walks in.

How could you respond with humility?

  • Proud response: Blame your sibling or friend by saying, “You shouldn’t have put it there!”
  • Humble response: Accept responsibility by saying, “I’m sorry — I’ll try to be more careful since I know that meant a lot to you. Can I help you put it back together?”

Scenario 2: There is a reading challenge at school, and you have been working really hard to win the challenge. On the last day you find out your friend won instead of you. Your friend is so excited to talk to you about it. How do you respond?

  • Proud response: “You might have read more pages, but the books I read were harder.”
  • Humble response: “You must have worked really hard. I’m glad you won!”