Wednesday, December 28

“In all things it is better to hope than to despair.”
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet

hope sun



Today’s Excerpt: The Frogs and the Hole
A fable about hope of unknown origin, possibly Chinese or Sufi

Some frogs were traveling together through a forest when two of the frogs fell into a hidden deep, dark hole. The other frogs gathered around the mouth of the hole and looked down with pity. They called down to the two frogs, “You’ll never make it out. This hole is too deep, there is no point in even trying.” The two frogs didn’t listen. They jumped and jumped, trying to reach freedom.

The frogs gathered at the top of the hole continued to discourage the two stuck at the bottom. “Why keep trying in vain? Save your strength. Just give up!” After a while, one of the fallen frogs listened to the others and gave up all hope, collapsing in the bottom of the hole never to emerge.

The other frog refused to give up and continued to jump higher and higher, no matter what the other frogs yelled into the depths of the hole. Finally, with a burst of energy the frog jumped the highest jump yet, and made it out of the deep, dark hole. The other frogs looked on with amazement and disbelief, “How did you make it out of there? We didn’t think it was possible!” The frog turned to the group and said, “I’m deaf, so I couldn’t hear what you were saying, but thanks for cheering me on!”


This fable teaches us that just having an attitude of hope can help us transform our situation. When we use words of hope and encouragement with ourselves and each other, we are able to realize possibilities we wouldn’t otherwise.


  • How do you stay hopeful? (One answer: Ignore those who don’t believe in you!)