Saturday, April 1

“Do not assert with your mouth what your heart denies.”
— Taoism, Tract of the Quiet Way



Today’s Excerpt:

Role Play: Honest and Kind
It can be difficult to be honest when it may hurt others’ feelings. By role-playing situations where honesty might be challenging, we get a sense of words we might use, as well as the felt experience of moving through the discomfort of telling the truth even when it hurts.

Discuss these scenarios together, or assign roles and have family members play out the parts.


  • Your friend wants you to come over to their house for a playdate, but you would rather play alone outside. What can you say to be honest and kind? (Possible response: “Today I would rather play outside, but thank you for inviting me.”)
  • Someone makes you waffles for breakfast, and you think they are gross. They ask you if you like them. How can you be both honest and grateful? (Possible response: “This isn’t my favorite breakfast you’ve made, but thank you for making it for me!”)
  • You get a board game as a gift at your birthday party that you do not like. How can you show gratitude to the gift giver without being dishonest? (Possible response: “This is such a kind gift. I love playing board games!”)