Thursday, March 30

“No one should talk one way with their lips and think another way with their heart.”
— The Talmud (Judaism)



Today’s Excerpt:

Sentence stem: “I feel true to myself when I…”

Watch “Small Talk | Honesty | CBC Kids” (2-min video) by CBC Kids where kids explore their thoughts about honesty in a light and fun way.

Heads up: The first kid in the clip says, “god” as an exclamation. If you’d like to skip that, start 20-seconds into the video.


  • Do you ever feel nervous or scared to tell the truth? When?
  • What does it feel like in your body when you tell a lie?
  • Think of a lie you told when you were younger. Why do you think you told that lie?
  • Is there a lie you are holding onto that you would like to get rid of?