Thursday, April 6

“Precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, Line upon line, line upon line, Here a little, there a little.”
— Isaiah (Judaism)


Growing Up

Today’s Excerpt:

What is one of your earliest memories?
Do you remember when you were a baby? Before you could crawl, you likely spent hours wrapped in a blanket, being held, or sleeping in a crib. As you became steadier on your feet, you started exploring rooms and objects around the house. Then you grew even more, learning how to speak and how to read.

Just like you once found it an enormous challenge to crawl, walk, speak, or read, you can know that one day the challenges you’re facing today will seem small and simple.

Activity: Remember Past Challenges
It’s easy to forget how difficult it once was to do simple tasks.

To remember something of how it felt, try closing your eyes and walking backwards from one room of your house to another without running into anything.

Or try to speak or understand a language other than your primary language. You might watch “Show and Tell Foreign Languages” (6-min video) from Hi-Ho Kids to hear kids speaking a variety of languages.

Can you roll your Rs like they do? Can you say the foreign words they’re saying? Chances are, there are some that trip you up.

Just as speaking a foreign language can be difficult or seem impossible right now, you once found speaking your primary language to be enormously difficult. We all did. Remembering that what once seemed impossible is now second nature can help you face challenges now and in the future.

By remembering how you’ve overcome challenges in the past, you can have better resolve to overcome challenges in the future.