Wednesday, Feb 8

“Concentrate: you can’t have it all.”
— Twyla Tharp, American dancer and choreographer



Today’s Excerpt: Strategies to Focus

Sentence stem: “One thing that distracts me is…”

When you feel distracted, try one of these ideas to get focused again:

Breathe: Take a slow breath in and out. Let you mind and body rest for a moment, then decide what to do next.
Set a Timer: Set a timer for 2-3 minutes and focus on the thing you need to do. Was it too easy? Try setting the timer for even longer!
Take a Break: Sometimes our brain and body need a break. Shake it out, dance, walk, or go outside.
Do One Thing, Not Two: You might feel distracted by too many things to do! Choose one small thing to do right now and focus on just that thing.
Find a Quiet Place: Are you distracted by too many sounds and activities around you? Try to find a quiet place to focus on what you want to do.
Ask For Help: Sometimes we need help to focus. Ask someone to sit next to you or tell someone when you feel stuck in distraction.