Friday, June 16

"Technology is a good servant but a bad master."
— Gretchen Rubin, author

When does technology help you get what you want, and when does it get in the way?

Describe the benefits and drawbacks of digital technology — including the ways it draws you closer and the ways it separates you.

Possible benefits:

  • Learning something new
  • Connecting with friends and family members who live far away
  • Taking a break and having some fun
  • Getting creative
  • Promoting a cause you care about

Possible drawbacks:

  • Compulsively using digital technology without thinking
  • Impulsively buying stuff you don’t really need
  • Separating yourself from people you’re with
  • Getting less sleep
  • Feeling the effects of bullying, peer pressure, or fear of missing out

Consider what you want the most in your life. What is one thing you can do to get it?


Digital Technology