Wednesday, July 5

"Improv is the art of saying 'yes, and...' It's about building on ideas and working together to make something amazing."
— Viola Spolin

Today’s Excerpt:

Play a game of “Yes… And” — a classic improv game — by thinking of something you want to create or invent.

The rules:

  1. Sit or stand in a circle.
  2. Choose one person to start. This person suggests an idea for an invention. (“I want to invent a machine that gets me ready for school in the morning!”)
  3. The person to their left says, “Yes, and…” (“Yes, and it could brush my teeth for me!”)
  4. The person to their left adds to it. (“Yes, and then it could make me breakfast!”)
  5. Keep going until you feel ready to stop.

(You can see a video example here if you need more clarity.)