Tuesday, January 16

“It is the role of a good person to do great and noble deeds, though they risk everything.”
— Plutarch, Greek philosopher

Today’s Excerpt:

What is something that makes you nervous?

Wisdom Story: A Boy of Courage
This tale comes from the Islamic tradition. The following is Uplift’s retelling of the story, in the vein of our wisdom library.

Once there was a boy named Salamah who was so fast he could outrun grown men and so talented with a bow and arrow he could shoot a pebble off a distant boulder.

One day he was practicing with his bow and arrow when he heard a commotion nearby — a team of bandits were in the process of stealing the prophet Muhammad’s camels.

Instead of running away, the boy decided to run nearer to the bandits. He hid behind a rock and shot arrows at them, stalling their efforts to steal.

The bandits turned toward where the arrows were coming from, and the boy took off in a flash, dashing for a tree, which he quickly climbed. From this vantage point, he shot his arrows at the bandits. His aim was so accurate, they didn’t dare get closer.

They were at a standstill. Just then, a group of the prophet’s defenders rode up to where the action was taking place, and the bandits took off.

From that day on, people celebrated the boy’s courage.