Thursday, January 19

“The best way out is always through.”
— Robert Frost, American poet



Today’s Excerpt:

Who do you know that is brave? Perhaps a superhero like Spiderman or Wonder Woman, or a family member like your grandma or grandpa?

How do they show bravery? How did they push through hard times? 

Tell their story. 


If nothing comes to mind, tell the story of one brave ancestor of a member on the Uplift team: “In the early 1850s, families were heading west across the United States — a journey filled with hardship and danger. One day a family was crossing a river when their wagon tipped over with six kids inside. My ancestor immediately jumped in the water and rescued the mother and kids one at a time until he eventually collapsed from exhaustion and drowned in the river trying to get out. He has since been commemorated for his courage. This story inspires me when I feel overwhelmed in my life. It helps me keep going when I feel like giving up.”