Monday, June 19

"Conflict is an opportunity for growth and learning."
— Jane Goodall, researcher

Today’s Excerpt:

How do you respond when you disagree with a friend?

Because we all see things differently and have different needs, we all experience conflict. Conflict happens when we disagree with other people, and it happens in every relationship.

Conflict can either hurt or deepen relationships. To help us deepen relationships, it can help to be aware of conflict styles.

When conflict occurs, you might want to fight, flee, freeze, or face the situation confidently and calmly.

Fight: When you feel anger during conflict, you might want to attack the other person. But that leads to resentment and hurt feelings.

Flee: When you feel anxiety or fear during conflict, you might want to run and hide from the other person. But that leads to separation and loneliness.

Freeze: When you feel numb and apathetic during conflict, you might want to comply and do whatever the other person wants. But that leads to disconnecting from your inner compass and your personal needs.

Face: When you feel calm, confident, and curious during conflict, you likely want to confront the person, discuss the problem, and listen. This leads to growth and love.