Tuesday, March 7

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.”
— Maya Angelou, poet



Today’s Excerpt:


  • What kind thing can you say to someone today?

Read this story from Mother Theresa.

“One night, a man came to our house to tell me that a Hindu family, a family of eight children, had not eaten anything for days.

They had nothing to eat.

I took enough rice for a meal and went to their house. I could see the hungry faces, the children with their bulging eyes. The sight could not have been more dramatic!

The mother took the rice from my hands, divided it in half and went out. When she came back a little later, I asked her: “Where did you go? What did you do?”

She answered, “They are also hungry.”

“They” were the people next door, a Muslim family with the same number of children to feed and who did not have any food either.

That mother was aware of the situation. She had the courage and the love to share her meager portion of rice with others. In spite of her circumstances, I think she felt very happy to share with her neighbors the little I had taken her.

In order not to take away her happiness, I did not take her any more rice that night. I took her some more the following day.”