2024 Program

We’re offering five approaches in 2024 that can be used in any combination with each other:

  1. Do a weekly sit-down lesson from our program. Choose between Option A or Option B (see below). 
  2. Do the weekly sit-down lesson feels most alive for you each week. (If your kid is struggling with honesty, do a lesson on honesty.)
  3. Use our Daily Uplift for bite-sized wisdom each day.
  4. Read a section from our wisdom library.
  5. New: Listen to or view our original guided activities and meditations in audio/video formats, released each week in 2024. (See an example below!)
Original Meditation: Letting Feelings Pass By
No need to be still or close your eyes… just watch and enjoy!

Given that many of our users are new and haven’t had the chance to go through our entire 2023 program (and many of who have gone through the program feel a draw to repeat lessons after a year), we’ve kept that as Option A.  For those wanting more, we’ve added an Option B for each week.

To offer an A and B lesson option for each week, we’ll be creating many lessons and expanding select mini-lessons. New lessons include finances, hygiene, neurodivergence, loneliness, failure, personalities, and many more — all of which you can see below:

January: Intentions

Jan 1
A. Intentions: Knowing What You Want and Getting It
B. Family Time: Deciding How You Want to Gather Together

Jan 7
A. Strengths: Finding Your Individual Purpose
B. Your Inner Compass: Finding Your True Self

Jan 14
A. Courage: Standing Up For Yourself and Others
B. MLK, Jr. Day (Jan 15)

Jan 21
A. Grit: You Can Do Hard Things
B. Habits: Replacing Unhealthy Cycles With Healthy Ones

Jan 28
A. Practice: Finding Joy in Deliberate Improvement
B. Career: Exploring What’s Possible Now and in the Future

February: Wisdom

Feb 4
A. Focus: The Power of Concentration in a Distracting World
B. Racism: Hearing People’s Stories (for Black History Month)

Feb 11
A. Wisdom Reading: Words That Awaken the Heart
B. Tragedies: Talking About Intense News Stories

Feb 18
A. Meditation: An Introduction to Mindful Breathing
B. Buddhism: The Middle Way | Buddhist Wisdom

Feb 25
A. Mindful Eating: Making the Most of Meal Time
B. Coping Skills Toolbox: Knowing What Works for You

March: Presence

March 3
A. Compassion: Standing in Someone Else’s Shoes
B. Grief: Honoring the Process of Loss

March 10
A. Curiosity: Asking Questions Without Judgment
B. Sex: An Ongoing Conversation

March 17
A. Mindfulness: Being Present to Whatever Is Here
B. St. Patrick’s Day: A Celebration of Ireland and Immigration (Mar 17) Spring Equinox: A Fresh Look at Life (Mar 19)

March 24
A. Honesty: Telling the Truth Sets You Free
B. Hinduism: Chanting | Holi: A Celebration of Play, Joy, and Color (Mar 25)

April: Renewal

March 31
A. Growing Up: Awareness of More and More
B. Easter: A Holiday of Renewal (March 31) | Christianity

April 7
A. Heroic Journeys: Growing Through Challenges
B. Failure: Overcoming Setbacks and Taking Risks

April 14
A. Spirituality: A Direct Experience
B. Addiction: When Substances Make Life More Difficult

April 21
A. Living Simply: Freedom From Too Much Stuff
B. Earth Day: Appreciating and Defending Nature (April 22) | Passover (April 22-30) Judaism: Keeping Tradition and Community

May: Emotions

April 28
A. Emotions, Part I: Naming Your Feelings
B. Shame: Breaking the Cycle | May Day: A Festival of Spring / Workers (May 1)

May 5
A. Emotions, Part II: Regulating Your Feelings
B. Neurodivergence: ADHD, Autism, and More

May 12
A. Journaling: An Approach to Inner Transformation
B. Depression: Definitions and Healthy Practices

May 19
A. Anxiety: Finding Calm in the Chaos
B. Anger: Hear What the Feeling Is Telling You

May 26
A. Self-Compassion: Being a Friend to Yourself
B. Recreation: Plan How You Want to Have Fun | Memorial Day: Reflecting on Life Lost in War (May 27)

June: Home Life

June 2
A. Chores: Caring For Our Space Together
B. LGBTQ+: Hearing People’s Stories (for Pride Month)

June 9
A. Digital Technology: Being Fully in Your Life
B. Finances: Managing Your Money

June 16
A. Conflict: Facing Each Other With Love
B. Juneteenth: A Celebration of Freedom (June 19) | Summer Solstice: Celebrations of Wonder and Reflections on Life (June 20)

June 23
A. Sleep: Caring for Body and Soul
B. Mornings: How to Find a Good Family Routine

July: Fun

June 30
A. Creativity: Saying “Yes… And” to Life
B. Boredom: What to Do About “I’m Bored!”

July 7
A. Humor: Connecting Through Laughter
B. Imagination: Exploring New Ways to Be

July 14
A. Critical Thinking: Developing Healthy Skepticism
B. Critical Thinking, Part II: Diving Deeper into Logical Fallacies

July 21
A. Flow: The Joy of Effortless Action
B. Taoism: Effortless Action | Taoist Wisdom

July 28
A. Music: A Universal, Elevated Language
B. Singing: Songs That Inspire and Connect (Features Original Recordings)

August: Movement

August 4
A. Dance: A Timeless Way to Feel Alive
B. Native American Religions: Ceremony and Ritual

August 11
A. Play: Enjoying Life and Having Fun Together
B. Nature: A Practice of Renewal

August 18
A. Exercise: Keeping Your Body and Mind Happy
B. Hygiene: Taking Care of Your Body

August 25
A. Activism: Acting on Your Inner Values
B. Crushes: Exploring Healthy Romance

September: Community

September 1
A. Bullying: Learning to Be Direct and Kind
B. School: Belonging and Getting Good Grades

September 8
A. Self-Advocacy: Knowing What You Need and Asking For It
B. Puberty: Dealing With Changes

September 15
A. Respect: Seeing the Worth of Self and Others
B. Social Skills: Practicing Good Manners

September 22
A. Friendship: What Makes a Good Friend?
B. Personalities: Introverts, Extroverts, and More | Fall Equinox: A Time to Reflect on Abundance (Sept 22)

October: Connection

September 29
A. Fairness: Creating a More Just World
B. Conversations: How to Start One

October 6
A. Forgiveness: An Act of Love and Freedom
B. Consent: Learning to Say No — and Yes

October 13
A. Polarities: Exploring Complementary Virtues
B. Loneliness: Navigating Lonely Feelings

October 20
A. Timeless Wisdom: Stories From the Past
B. Right Speech: Speaking Kindly, Navigating Profanity

October 27
A. Lineage: Telling Family Stories
B. Halloween: An Evening to Confront Death Using Humor (Oct 31) | Diwali: A Festival of Light (Nov 1) | Day of the Dead / All Souls’ Day: A Celebration of Ancestors

November: Gratitude

November 3
A. Role Models: Choosing Your Influences
B. Grandparents: Connecting With Family

November 10
A. Stillness & Contemplation: A Practice of Deep Listening
B. Abundance: Growing a Healthier Mindset | Shinto: Spirit in All Things

November 17
A. Gratitude: Appreciating What’s Present
B. Prayer: Finding What Works For Your Family

November 24
A. Humility: Strong Enough to Be Open
B. Thanksgiving: Celebrations of Abundance Around the World (Nov 28)

December: Giving

December 1
A. Giving: A Source of Connection and Love
B. Heartfulness: Nurturing a Generous Approach to Life

December 8
A. Purpose: Discovering What Makes You Feel Alive
B. Stoicism: Finding Inner Calm | Greek and Roman Wisdom

December 15
A. Kindness: Looking Out For Others
B. Charity: Deciding How You Want to Serve | Winter Solstice: A Celebration of Rebirth (Dec 21)

December 22
A. Hope: Overcoming Despair
B. Christmas: A Time to Celebrate Hope, Giving, and Togetherness | Christianity (Dec 25)