Give your kids an inner compass

Resources for creating weekly spiritual experiences that build wonder, resilience, and compassion

Create a culture of meaning and reflection at home

A Flexible Approach
Our resources include content for kids ages 4-17. We offer options such as introspective questions, imaginative activities, printable pages, and much more.

Time-tested Insights
Because we draw on modern science and ancient wisdom, you can be certain that your guidance will have a lasting influence.

Transformative Moments
We know you’re busy. We help you spend less time preparing and more time together.

How Uplift Works


Start a conversation

Sign up to access our full lesson library. We make it easy to talk about crucial topics like compassion, wisdom, lineage, honesty, emotions, and grit.


Create an experience

We curate engaging videos, stories, questions, prompts, activities, art, poetry, and more so you can connect deeply as a family.


Discover a community

As Uplift grows, we match like-minded families so you have a network of friends and support.

“It was my first exposure to an Uplift lesson, and I was very impressed. I felt like something ‘happened’ and we were all left with some feelings of a passage journeyed upon. It feels like a living conversation with our 7 year old.”

— Amy Stephens

“Spiritual development through the early years … provides a protective health benefit, reducing the risk of depression, substance abuse, aggression, and high-risk behaviors.”

— Lisa Miller, professor of psychology at Columbia University and author of The Spiritual Child


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